Circle Dance and movement

We ran a short circle dance project in 2017 for people with neurological conditions (including dementia and Parkinson’s), frailty and post-stroke to encourage safe creative movement and peer support. You can hear more about it here

Following the project, we now incorporate movement work into many of our music projects, so participants can gain multiple benefits from taking part in both music and movement.

Our Projects

We work in London and the South with people with long term health conditions, people with learning disabilities and intergenerationally. Find out more about our past and current projects here.


We are all community music practitioners alongside running Sounds Better CIC, so understand the training needs, the challenges, and the techniques that are most effective in the room better than anyone.


Depending on the role, we can offer training in facilitation, experience in working with people with long term health conditions and learning disability and a way to connect with your local community more.

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